Kendrick C. Harvey Carpentry
Kendrick C. Harvey Carpentry

I've been making big pieces of wood smaller and nailing them together since 1985!

What I do

I make big pieces of wood into smaller pieces of wood just like every other carpenter.

Kendrick Harvey



Any kind of framing                                           Decks

Pergolas                                                           Trellises

Log structures                                                  Screen Porches

Cabinets                                                           Remodels

Fences                                                              Barns

That door you bought at Habitat                      Tile Ceilings

Tile                                                                    Bookshelves

Planters                                                            Metal roofs

Floors                                                               Cable deck railings

Trim                                                                  Skylites

Move or make new doors or windows              Retaining walls

Finish your attic (in January)                            Cat tunnels

Any carpentry related repairs


Pretty much anything that has to do with wood.

What I don't do

Try to talk you into things you don't need.


Paint, quite frankly when I paint it ends up looking like shit.


Claim to know something that I don't know although, saying what we think gives us a wider conversational range than saying what we know.


Dig holes but I'll get a guy.

Service Area

I normally work in Park County but I'll work anywhere on the planet for the right amount of money.

Here's how you can give me money.

I accept cash, checks and credit cards. Add 3% for credit card payment. I do have insurance but I resent it deeply because I have never made a claim.

Privacy Policy

I will never give your information to anyone. In fact there is a small chance I will lose it altogether.

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