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Kendrick C. Harvey Carpentry

What We Do

          I can and have built everything from a mansion to a dog house. If you don't see what you want on this website it's only because I haven't built one since I started the site. Many people in construction will say they have 31 years experience. This often means they had a variety of jobs in different trades. I have never done anything but carpentry. You would think I could retire.

Our Philosophy

        When someone hires me to build something for them I am very aware that whatever it is it is personal and important to them. The fact that I am making this thing is personal and important to me. I am proud of my work and want your project to be something we both can be happy about. I view this as sort of a partnership where you have a vision of what you want and I help you make it a reality.

        I am not a big company that might have specific rules and procedures. I am flexible and will work with you to accomplish what you want the way you want it, even if it is wierd.

        I try very hard to make sure the customer has a clear understanding of what will be built and what it will cost. I don't want the customer to have any surprises.

        I am very respectful of people's time and property. Even if your place is a dump I recognize that you may not want it to be any worse.

        I tend to be more worried about other people's money than my own (that doesn't mean I don't expect a prompt check).

        If you call I will call back.

        I am not a salesman. I don't try to talk people into things they don't need. In fact I often talk myself out of a job.

        I like dogs.


       Despite this impressive website (at least I think it's impressive, maybe that's because I'm an unsophisticated rube).   I work by the job and generally purchase all the materials. Bids are based on wages plus overhead. $60 per hour for me and $30 per hour for helpers. Unless it is a very large  job you do not pay anything until the job is complete and you are satisfied. On bigger jobs I may require a 30% - 40% down payment. Estimates are free.


There are lots of them available upon request. I am not publishing other people's info.

Kendrick C. Harvey Carpentry

28 River Ridge Rd.

Cody, WY 82414



I would not have had this picture on every page but I couldn't figure out how to prevent it. This is the only good picture of me there is.
This the newest member of the crew. His name is Porthos.
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