Kendrick C. Harvey Carpentry
Kendrick C. Harvey Carpentry

Occasionally something pretty artful occurs to me. This stuff is more expensive than regular carpentry because I have to reach deep down in my soul and I don't like it down there.


Most of the stuff I have made that other people called art was made from whatever left over crap was laying around when I had nothing better to do.

I made this table 40 inches high so the dog can't put his face on it.
Live edge cedar stump table with copper top.
Before the epoxy.
Glass and beaded board bi-fold doors.
This table is a cedar stump, cedar border and a slate top.
This is a walnut mantle that was milled from a fallen tree.
Bi-fold door with stamped tin.
This is made from a cedar log I found in the woods and sliced in half.
This the other half of that slab.
Built in bookshelves with a tiled drawer.
Pine computer desk
I'll get tired of this lamp phase soon.
Outdoor lamp post.
Floor lamp with perforated aluminum panels.
This is the same lamp with the light off so you can see the panels.
Custom cabinet, installed

Photo Gallery

This table was made from scrap wood. I didn't make that rug, although I am learning to knit a hot air balloon.
The lumber for this swing was milled from red cedar on our property
Funky little outside table with tile top.
I don't know what it is really called, I call it a Russian onion looking thing.
Creepy Mirror
Better creepy mirror.
Bamboo fountain suspended over fish pond
Unfortunately bamboo doesn't last so I rebuilt the fountain. I wanted it to be much more complicated, others with better taste liked it like this.
Trellis with stained glass
Funky house number sign
Bamboo and marble shelves. I guess it's art.
Here' s somebody else's art framed by stuff i had lying around.
This was supposed to be a bird house but the squirrels thought different.
These shelves were made from the material left over from making the swing.

Kendrick C. Harvey Carpentry

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I would not have had this picture on every page but I couldn't figure out how to prevent it. This is the only good picture of me there is.
This the newest member of the crew. His name is Porthos.
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